New employees Schwarz Dienstleistungen

Neckarsulm, 11. April 2023

First impressions count – our welcome event to #TeamSchwarz

A new job brings many challenges with it, such as a new environment and unfamiliar corporate culture. To make their start with us a bit easier, we organize a monthly welcome event for new employees. This event is therefore a key part of our onboarding process.

New colleagues are welcomed by our top HR managers and are given an overview of the company and the most important information they need to get started. They also have the opportunity to make contacts and to visit info stands to discuss issues like our occupational health management or sustainability strategy. The day ended with an active break.

For the first time in three years, this event took place again in person or in hybrid form at the beginning of April. We were able to welcome 135 participants to Stiftsberg in Neckarsulm, with 16 employees attending virtually.

We took the opportunity to interview three new colleagues over lunch:

Detlev (Ted), Schwarz IT – Data Modeling & Analysis

“Having had an amazing time in my department on my first day yesterday, my expectations have also been exceeded today. There was lots of new information and really helpful guidance. The organization was great and colleagues were very open and friendly. I felt very welcome and at ease as a result. The culture was also good – it really resonated with me. Ultimately, the whole package was just right: from the content and order of events to the active elements, I thought everything was perfect. I can honestly say that don’t know how it could have been done better.”

Laura, Talent Acquisition

“I worked at Lidl Stiftung before, so I was already familiar with some things. Even so, I hoped to get a better overview, especially for topics that differ at Schwarz Dienstleistungen. I was also looking forward to meeting people from other departments with whom you have very little contact on a daily basis. These expectations were met. I particularly liked being able to go independently to the info stands to find out about various topics. I also found the insights into the intranet and the work at Schwarz Dienstleistungen helpful. The input on issues such as the pension is extremely helpful, especially for younger new starters like me. I would therefore definitely continue the event as it is because it’s also great for those changing jobs internally.”

Ufuk, Schwarz IT – Data Product Engineering & Technologies

“To be honest, I didn’t really have any expectations for today. I’m therefore impressed that it was so good and well structured. The content wasn’t too detailed, but still informative enough that everyone could take something away from it. Personally, I found the program well-balanced and not too overloaded with information. I particularly enjoyed the diverse mix of presentations and networking. I look forward to other employee events and being able to chat to colleagues from different departments, as these conversations motivated us all again. My summary: I really enjoyed the welcome event and I had a fun day.”

We are delighted that the welcome event enabled us to make things easier for all new employees. It’s great to have you in #TeamSchwarz. Thank you as well to the entire organizing team and all of the speakers.

Are you also looking for a new professional challenge? Apply now! We hope to see you at one of our next welcome events.