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Neckarsulm, 2. May 2023

Focus on Health – Insights into Our Occupational Health Management

“Health is mankind’s greatest asset.” This quote by Mark Twain has also been firmly embraced by Schwarz Dienstleistungen. In this blog post, we provide an insight into the goals and actions of our Occupational Health Management (OHM).

Lisa has been with the Schwarz Group for 14 years and spent time in several areas before joining the HR department in 2019. She was appointed the OIM officer in March 2019. What exactly does this mean? More on that later.

Lisa, what are the goals of our OHM?
Occupational Health Management pursues the goal of establishing and constantly developing the occupational framework, structures, and processes to promote health at work and in the organization as well as enabling and motivating employees to adopt healthy behavior. This includes:

  • Conveying the skills and knowledge needed to take responsibility for your own health
  • Sustainably improving the physical and mental health of our employees
  • Fostering the motivation and commitment of employees
  • Ensuring long-term employee retention
  • Creating a positive, inspiring, and healthy company culture
  • Optimizing the work conditions and work environment to improve job satisfaction

This gives rise to a range of benefits for employees as well as for us as an employer.

How is OHM set up in our company? What measures are in place?

OHM consists of three pillars: Occupational Integration Management (OIM), that is to say, support measures for employees on long-term sick leave, preventive areas, such as occupational safety and fire protection, as well as Occupational Health Promotion (OHP).

OHP is broken down into four further modules:

Movement: We offer our employees sports courses, talks, active lunch breaks, and sports events. What’s more, employees also have access to our own gyms.

Nutrition: We provide a range of talks on nutrition as well as cooking workshops and coaching. We also make sure that employees can choose from a wide selection of balanced meals at our Schwarz Restaurants.

Mental health: Our employees can engage with this issue through various talks, courses, and special training sessions. What’s more, they can get in touch with our employee relations consultants and mental health first responders, or take advantage of online psychological counseling services.

Medicine and prevention: This is another area in which we offer our employees training sessions and talks, health days, medical check-ups (such as vaccinations, skin screenings, eye and hearing tests), as well as blood donations and programs to help employees give up smoking.

And how are the offers received by employees?
We are very pleased that our offers are gaining popularity and we have noticed a positive trend. The feedback has been very positive as well. It is particularly nice to see when employees take action themselves and place greater importance on the issue of health. As the OIM officer, I am naturally always pleased when we are able to permanently integrate affected employees into working life. After all, striking a balance between work and health is a win-win situation for all involved – for employees and the company.

Would you like to join this team? Then find the right role for you and join us!