Together we are high performers - each day anew. Our employees’ skills and enthusiasm are the foundation of our corporate success. We invest in our people and, as such, in the certain future of Schwarz Dienstleistungen. Learn more about the benefits you can look forward to with us.

Attractive Conditions

Außenansicht der unternehmenseigenen Kita.

Family and Career

At our administrative locations around Neckarsulm, we offer various childcare options: company-operated daycare/kindergarten places, vacation programs, and a parent-child office, subject to availability. A bilingual private school with full-day supervision is also located close to our premises.

Our flexible working time models also help employees to maintain a good work-life balance.

Corporate Health Management

We attach great importance to the health of our employees,  which is why we are creating and bolstering resources by proactively developing health-promoting measures for employees. Our measures are related to nutrition, exercise, and mental health. To protect our employees in the long term, we offer consultations with the company doctor as well as medical check-ups and flu vaccinations as part of the occupational health services. In addition, as part of company integration management, we help our employees to overcome incapacity to work and support those affected with reintegration into the company.

Onboarding and Professional Development

Additional Services

Be it services, clothes or hotel offers – thanks to our partner Corporate Benefits, our employees get to enjoy many different perks.

Several services such as dry cleaning and a parcel service are available to our employees at our central location. This is practical and saves both time and money, thanks to the special conditions.

Through mobility services such as our ride-sharing app, financial contributions to the job ticket and free e-bikes we open up many different ways in which our employees can commute to work or travel between locations with ease.

It’s worth getting on board!

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