Ein Kollege hat an einem Whiteboard die Klimastartegi aufgeschrieben. Ein Kollege hat an einem Whiteboard die Klimastartegi aufgeschrieben.

Some talk about responsibility.
You take it on.

Acting Sustainably and Communicating Responsibly

Do good and talk about it - the how to talk about it is what we work on every day at the Schwarz Unternehmenskommunikation, the Group's corporate communication division. Here we shape the image of the Schwarz Group, both internally and in public. We develop concepts and guidelines for communicating with internal and external stakeholders via all analog and digital channels.  We represent the political interests of our corporate group on the national and international stage and effectively showcase our outstanding corporate culture.

As one of the top retailers in the world, we may influence society and the environment in many areas. We take the corporate responsibility associated with that very seriously and actively work towards running our business sustainably. Together with all divisions, we develop operational and strategic sustainability standards and set ourselves ambitious goals along the entire value chain. For us, entrepreneurial strength and consciously acting in a sustainable manner go hand in hand, and this is also exemplified in our company principles:

“We assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily business.”

Become part of our Corporate Communications Team

Are you interested in engaging in sustainability topics as part of your daily work or being a communications ambassador for our company? Then view our job openings in our Corporate Social Responsibility and Communications team!

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Larissa Blümich
E-mail: recruiting@mail.schwarz