Mitarbeiter der Backstube Bad Wimpfen

Neckarsulm, 22. February 2023

Regular working hours in catering? It’s possible with us!

As well as a regular five-day week, Schwarz Restaurants offer a wide variety of job opportunities. In this article, Maren explains what her job entails and what a typical working day looks like for her.

How long have you been with the Schwarz Group and what is your current job?
My name is Maren, I am a trained master pastry chef and have been working at Schwarz Restaurants for five years now. As the counter chef, I am currently responsible for the bakery in central production in Bad Wimpfen. Here, we produce all the conference food, breakfast items such as sandwiches, pretzels and croissants, fruit salads, vegetable cups, and desserts for the sites in Neckarsulm and Heilbronn. We produce around 800 bread rolls here every day.

I decided to work at the Schwarz Group for one very simple reason: I wanted a regular five-day week. I didn’t have that at my previous job unfortunately (I come from the hotel industry).

What is a typical working day in the bakery for you?
Our working day starts at 1:30 a.m. at night. We will have already discussed the upcoming orders the day before and divide into two groups in the morning. Group 1 takes care of the catering for the sites while group 2 prepares the conference food. We then prepare fresh items such as fruit and vegetables. The cakes are made and baked at around 6 a.m. so that they arrive at the sites fresh and on time. Finally, everything is packaged up and collected by our vehicle fleet colleagues.

As well as preparing the food, we are also responsible for ordering it and ensuring that it meets the relevant quality standards in accordance with the HACCP concept.

What is special about your job?
For many, the early start is definitely noteworthy. However, the early finish is a major benefit. It means that you still have lots of time left in the day to spend as you like – and the roads are clear. 😉

What I particularly like about my job is the variety of tasks, that I'm on my feet and that I get to work with great food. I also like that we have regular hours and a time recording system.

What qualities should new colleagues have? What can they look forward to?
You should be a morning person. The working hours can sometimes be challenging, but there are also lots of advantages. We are a fantastic team and are looking for more passionate team players to support us. New colleagues will enjoy a modern, safe workplace and varied work. They can also look forward to the many benefits offered by Schwarz Dienstleistungen, as well as a fresh, warm bread roll or croissant in the morning.


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