If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

Our drive to improve with every passing day has made the Schwarz Group what it is today: the leading food retailer in Europe.

We thrive in the dynamic retail environment by being flexible and willing to continuously challenge and improve our existing structures and processes. Working together, we are high performers who assume economic, social and ecological responsibility in our daily activities. Our success and our growth rest on the three pillars of performance, people and change.

Our Corporate Spirit

Only by working together will we achieve our corporate goals. The basic principles needed to do this are reflected in our Understanding of Leadership HIGH 5:

Underständig of Leadrship

Develop Decision-Making Employees
Our managers give their employees the freedom they need to make decisions. They develop their own skills in a targeted manner and support their employees in developing their skills based on requirement.

Be Powerful Together
To our managers, every person matters. They involve their employees comprehensively and in a timely manner. They also empower everyone to contribute on the basis of the common rules. At the same time, our managers are actively involved in management at all levels: They manage themselves, the team and the company. As a consequence, we can keep on achieving the best results.

Act Responsibly
Our managers take their responsibility seriously. They are aware of the social responsibility of our company, promote systematic approaches and continuously improve our organization.

Shaping our Future
Our managers strengthen the future sustainability of our company. They do so by forging new paths and inspiring their employees. They also provide guidance and encourage enthusiasm for change. They are role-models in terms of their forward-thinking approach and openness to change.

Lead with Appreciation
Our managers establish trusting relationships by getting to know themselves and their employees better. They take into account the personality of everyone involved when working together. They also communicate openly and appreciatively and express praise and constructive criticism directly.

Kolleginnen und Kollegen unterhalten sich beim Laufen.

Diversity in the Schwarz Group

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We seek to provide our employees with a respectful work environment – regardless of gender, age, skin color, ethnic origin, intellectual and physical capabilities, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. We strongly believe that diversity strengthens the performance of our teams. Through the aspects of fairness, mutual respect, and appreciation, this is enshrined in our corporate principles too.

Our Measures:

We want to increase the number of women in management positions. We have therefore set up a dedicated mentoring program offering mentoring and support to women. The mutual exchange eases the transition to management roles and shows that: Management is fun.

To us, equal opportunities and diversity go beyond training on the General Act on Equal Treatment. To support collaboration of teams with diverse backgrounds, we offer intercultural workshops to our employees and managers.

We support our employees in the event of short-term lack of access to childcare, for example through the parent-child office. In this office space, employees can look after their children while carrying out their daily duties. At locations where these options are not available, our flexible working time models help employees to balance their family with their career.

Our employee relations consultants are neutral, trustworthy and independent points of contact and support all employees in case of questions or concerns.