Neckarsulm, 30. June 2022

Onboarding – Welcome to Schwarz Dienstleistungen

Onboarding refers to the process of preparing to start work and inducting new employees. It starts with the signing of the employment contract, moving on to preparing the workplace and getting to know points of contact, corporate structures, and business processes, and ends with the successful integration of the employee into their team and existing work processes.

As well as the personal welcome that our new employees get in their specific department, we also arrange a welcome event with a variety of learning formats to help them get off to the best start.

Our colleague Simela has recently completed this onboarding process. Before joining us, she worked at a recruitment agency for five years. In her new role as HR Business Partner, she advises departments and managers on HR-related matters.

Simela, why did you decide to join Schwarz Dienstleistungen?
Two important aspects that I always look for in a job are variety and challenge. Back when I was completing my integrated degree at DHBW Heilbronn, my fellow students gave the impression that this is something Schwarz Dienstleistungen offers its employees. Just the size of the company alone means that there is a wealth of opportunities. Plus the company never stands still and is always pushing ahead with innovative and efficient solutions. My new role requires me to be able to advise on all aspects of HR. Not only do I really enjoy doing this, but it also demands a lot of flexibility.

What did you particularly like about our onboarding process?
I was impressed by the variety of onboarding formats: They included training sessions, e-learning, and welcome events. The one-to-one discussions I had with my mentor and colleagues and regular meetings with my team also made it a lot easier for me to get started. As a new employee, I expect to hit the ground running – and the onboarding process really helped me to do that. 

I am particularly impressed by how transparent communication is, right from the interview stage. Any challenges are communicated just as openly as the more positive aspects. The “ideas book” that I received from my manager along with a small bouquet of flowers on my first day is a good example of the open feedback culture here. I can use this book to note down any feedback and suggestions for improvement and reflect on them.

The hardware and software setup is excellent as well: I was able to work from anywhere in Germany from day one.  

What makes a successful onboarding process for you?
For me, good cooperation between the new employee, the manager, and the existing team is crucial to successful onboarding. That includes open and transparent communication with regard to the expectations of everyone involved. As a new employee, you should be authentic right from the start and bring your own personality to the table. On the other side, the team and manager should set out the established processes and guidelines but at the same time be open to new ideas.

Do you have any tips for applicants to consider before they start at Schwarz Dienstleistungen?
Be open to new things and have the confidence to contribute your own experience, thoughts, and ideas right from the word go. Take advantage of existing formats like the coffee carousel and after-work and welcome events to quickly build a network. Be proactive! You can really help yourself and the onboarding process by using your own initiative.


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