Zwei Mitarbeiter an der Kaffeebar

Neckarsulm, 30. June 2022

“We’re not a canteen. We’re a staff restaurant.” – Discover our rich and varied menu

There are lots of advantages to being back in the office – including being able to eat in our restaurants.

Our colleagues at Schwarz Restaurantbetriebe serve nine locations in the Heilbronn region, offering their guests freshly prepared dishes and a varied, ever-changing menu. There are between four and nine dishes on the menu depending on the location. As well as serving lunch, we also provide an internal event management service and offer menu evenings, finger food, grill events and much more for our employees.

To give you an insight, we shared our lunch with you for a week.

⚠️ Trigger warning: Not suitable for hungry readers.

Gebackene Sesam-karottensticks
Rindfleischstreifen mit Reis und gemüse
Lachs mit Gemüse und Kartoffel
Currywurst mit Pommes
Kaffee mit Logo der Schwarz Gruppe


We met our colleague Katharina at the coffee bar. Katharina has worked at Schwarz Restaurantbetriebe since 2018 and is responsible for the planning and organization of events and catering. Her job includes holding internal discussions with colleagues, creating concepts, and coordinating external service providers.

We asked Katharina something that we have always wondered: Who actually creates the menu, and how are the dishes selected?

“When selecting the menus, the most important factors to consider are seasonal products, trends, and popularity. We also make sure that we cater for a wide range of different diets. It’s important to take into account intolerances as well.”

Do you prefer restaurants to canteens? Then apply now and enjoy the culinary variety available at staff prices.

Or do you want to work in the restaurant itself? From training opportunities to storekeepers, chefs, servers, sales and buffet employees, and dishwashing and cleaning staff, we have a role for everyone.